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Basic and Advanced Basal implantology course(3 Days)

INR 35,000 for practioners INR 25,OOO for U.G and P.G students

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Weeklong shadowing program for basal implantology.

INR 35,000 for practioners INR 25,OOO for U.G and P.G students

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Welcome to Academy of Continuing Dental Education

For me implantology starts, When others give up - Dr.Stefen Ihde, Director, Dr.IHDE dental Switzerland

ACDE -Academy of Continuing Dental Education is an organaisation that is dedicated to provide dental students and clinicians a good clinical,practical knowledge in immediate loading implantology. The Aim of ACDE is to spread awareness and knowlege about immediate loading implantology among dentists.Though the term 'Dental implants' is the much hyped word in todays dentistry, very very few clinicians perform implant surgical procedure.Though dental implant treatment is a simple, safe and highly predictable and successfull treatment method to replace missing teeth, most of the dental students and clinicians lack the basic knowlege about implantology.Understanding the need of the hour and to bridge the lacunae for General Practioners and fresh graduates,Our Implant training programme-IMMEDIATE LOADING IMPLANTOLOGY has been designed

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Course Gallery

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About Dr. Murugavel

Dr. Murugavel

Dr.Murugavel is a oral and maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist with intense passion and desire to spread the knowledge of dental implants to young graduates and clinicians. He is a certified Basal Implantologist with extensive experience in immediate loading implantology.

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Acde's Implant Conference

Acdeimplants conducts India's first immediate loading implant conference.


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