Why focussing on immediate loading implantology?

Because immediate loading implantology is the future of dentistry. It is the best way to give an ideal treatment to patients without waiting period and without complicated bone grafting surgery.

Can we bring our own patients in the course?

Yes. You can bring your own patients. We will guide you from diagnosis to treatment plan and placing implants.

Which implant system is taught to us?

This course is more focussed in single piece implant systems, which can be loaded immediately, which can be placed easily and which don’t need any bone augmentation procedures.

What are the materials given to the participants?

Course folder with writing pad, to do manual for implant placement, CD with implant placement videos, patient education materials and important articles.

Can we bring our patients for discussing the treatment plan?

Yes. You can come and discuss along with the OPG or you can send the intra oral photos and OPG through e mail. We will help you in selection of implant and implant placements.

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